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Thread: Luxury or Lie

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    Default Re: Luxury or Lie (By: TruthSeeker)

    Quote Originally Posted by TruthSeeker View Post
    Aaaaaand, I'm done here.
    Let me get this straight, the instructor did read this? This is all too weird. Got my answer about the course. Thanks.
    TruthSeeker, just to be fair. Did you really get the answer that you were looking for?

    I clicked on the ad on the Message Board page and was directed to the course under discussion. I must admit that I was surprised at the cost of the course, so certainly understand your desire for more information.

    And While I did click on the link to Adam, I am not sure that the info in his bio would be sufficient for some people.

    Perhaps you could provide more information.

    David S

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    Default Re: Luxury or Lie (By: TruthSeeker)

    It's all quite simple, actually.

    The NAWCC Message Board is simply that: a message board where members (and guests) discuss topics of interest.

    The Admins and Mods here are not connected in any formal way to the Education Dept of the NAWCC. Thus, they have no specific answers or information about NAWCC courses, or special access to anyone regarding the courses. Nor does this board sponsor NAWCC educational classes. It's just a message board, and thus, a separate entity.

    The NAWCC does advertise its events and classes and the like here on this board, from time to time. Also, it will occasionally link to materials regarding those courses and events, and to further information on its various websites. Quite naturally.

    The course materials for the course in question are here:


    Instructor bios can be found here:


    An interview with the instructor can be found here:


    If one needs more in-depth information about the course, one needs only to contact the Director of Education, Katie Knaub, here: kknaub@nawcc.org

    If one wished to contact the course instructor directly, one needs only to email him here: aharris@nawcc.org

    That's pretty much the whole shebang. A glance at the list below indicates that Adam Harris seems not to have read this thread, nor is it really within any of our purview that anyone here insist that he do so. This board is its own entity, and its members and users come and go as they please.

    There's plenty of information on the course available on the web and at our NAWCC website.

    If you wish to contact Adam directly, I suggest you email him, as I've said before.
    Markus Harris
    Communications Director (NAWCC)

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    Default Re: Luxury or Lie (By: Markus Harris)

    There appears to be quite a bit of obfuscation so you've clearly answered the question for me. I wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Harris (thank you for the correction) hasn't seen this thread, but I digress. His bio speaks to his understanding of early 1900's watches only.

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    Default Re: Luxury or Lie (By: watch junkie)

    If you need more information than what has already been provided, contact our education director Katie Knaub. Or send an email to Mr. Harris.
    You won't get more here than you have already been given.
    harold bain, Member ch 33
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    let me "tock" to it"

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