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Thread: Worthwhile?

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    Default Worthwhile?

    Did you do anything worthwhile today? Well, I did. I picked up a check at Andonio’s for four people; two women, one man, and a beautiful young child, with long blonde hair, who’s starting kindergarten next week. The child’s mother, I’m not sure she’s married or what. That does not matter, what matters is doing the deed…like picking up a check for four people who are almost like strangers to me…except, I have seen the women and child before this precious bundle of joy and beauty has hugged me on past occasions…do you know what that does to a man nearing his second birthday in the second century of his life?

    I have done such things before and when people learn someone has picked up their luncheon check…the effect is amazing…not only does that make me feel good…the diners are made to feel special, why would someone else who they know only slightly pay for their meal? I would like to think the high they and I get in doing what I did today, compensates for the less than $23.00 check I picked up.

    Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you…is better than medicine, taking drugs or imbibing in alcohol spirits that will never match the high you get when doing good unto others.

    You know what? This high stayed with me all day, and I am positive it stayed with the party that was the recipient of this worthwhile deed. I’m not pinning roses on myself, it’s just the facts!

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    Default Re: Worthwhile? (By: dweiss17)

    Dan, in the days before EZ Pass, we used to pay the toll for the car behind us on the Garden State Parkway, the smile on the people's faces was great. That was so nice of you to pick up the check, sounds like that child finds you very adorable.

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    Default Re: Worthwhile? (By: richiec)

    Hopefully, they will pay the good deed forward. Then more people will experience the kindness of "strangers"
    A man with a clock always knows the time. A man with two clocks is never sure.

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    Default Re: Worthwhile? (By: dweiss17)

    Nice going Dan. My wife and I have done it on occasion, but you reminded me that it has been too long. So thank you for the reminder.

    David S

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