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Thread: No more

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    Default No more

    Tomorrow we bury my sister, and I sit before my computer thinking about what took place over many years among the family and relatives I was part of for close to 101 years of my life.

    Now that the inevitable took place late Thursday evening, though saddened by my sister’s passing - what remains of what once was a full menagerie of Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, my parents and eight siblings, I Daniel M. am the only one left standing; even though I must use a walker to get around, I still drive a car without any problem of knees not working correctly, I do everything around the house, with the aid of a girl coming monthly to refresh the bed linens and run the vacuum cleaner.

    I still do some cooking and run the necessary errands to get what I need in the way of foodstuffs and cat food for my home companion. Every once in a while I’ll skip my home-made breakfast meal…like I did today and went to my favorite restaurant and had my dinner in the early afternoon; with enough food left over for two meals if I add some steamed vegetables. While having this meal, my eyes observed the tables or booths I was able to…full of diners who could not eat a meal without putting their iPhones or other such electronic equipment on the table top before them.

    It seems the world I live in of today, has erupted into a society of people busily using a gadget powered by a battery to help them consume the food the waitress puts before them. Their gender matters not, from 3-year olds to those well passed their prime years…taking a fork or spoonful of food stuffing into mouths while fingers are busy exploring the byway or highway where their icons or other such things live on the screens of the gadget they are so involved with.

    The world I used to live in [just like my deceased relatives] is no more. The days of writing a letter by pen are over, using a home telephone seems to be a thing of the past; if You want to know about a subject all you have to do is ask Google on your computer or the device you hold in your hand…it can tell you the time of day, it will tell you the weather weeks in advance, it will look up any illness you may have and describe what is best to do…it will add and subtract…you no longer need brain power to do mathematical problems. Not owning one of these modern gadgets…I imagine I may be far behind the times. Yet, your mushy gray mass we call a brain can never be equaled by the power of whatever gadget we hold in our hands or on our computers. Remember…our mushy brains created these electronic gadgets.

    Getting back to the funeral tomorrow, what is left of the Weiss family and friends will gather around the cemetery family plot…that will be the eternal resting place of my sister who will join her husband and numerous other family members who preceded her, and who are remembered with monuments of stone inscribed with family history and lore dating back to the late 1800s. The Jewish custom is to have a meal after the burial is done and more likely to talk about and reminisce family past doings. However, I doubt the custom of Shiva will be observed…three days of mourning and family gathering with other friends…we have no immediate family left…it is my lot to be the “Last of the Mohicans”…the last Weiss of a huge conglomeration of family members who once were part of a family that is no more.

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    Default Re: No more (By: dweiss17)

    Still pretty nice to be the last, Dan. I have four siblings left, and after observing them I'm fairly confident that I too, will be the last Mahican. However, the memories and good times can't be erased. Enjoy those memories, Dan.
    A man with a clock always knows the time. A man with two clocks is never sure.

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