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    Default Retro-editing in the Bulletin?

    I would like to complement the staff of the Bulletin for correcting the misinformation they have recently published.

    On page 397 of the September/October, 2016 Bulletin, 3 recent auction results are described with pix. Going clockwise from the viewer's upper left hand corner of the page in the PRINTED version of the Bulletin, all 3 clocks are terribly mislabeled with identifications so wrong that even a quick glimpse at the pix should have identified the error. Could be just a simple slip x 3, but also not so sure the editor of that section would have known better.

    I saw it and shrugged. In the past, I've sent corrections to the editors of the Bulletin and have been ignored.

    Well, see this link http://www.nawcc.org/images/stories/...23_392_397.pdf

    Scroll down to page 397. Looks like the errors have in fact been corrected.

    As a primary source of horological information, an important correction to make.

    As a side note, pictured there is an Eli Terry & Sons "true" transition clock. A similar clock was posted on the MB. For more information including why I call it a true transition clock (as per Dr. Roberts' criteria), see this thread: http://mb.nawcc.org/showthread.php?7...y-transitional


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    Default Re: Retro-editing in the Bulletin? (By: rmarkowitz1_cee4a1)

    Mr. Markowitz,

    Thank you for noticing.

    The editorial staff is NEVER happy when a typo or error appears in any of our publications, and even in situations where errors of misattribution may occur due to mix-ups from material sources, they constantly strive to produce an accurate product.

    As also sometimes occurs in email communications to the membership, once an inaccurate resource is sent "out the door" (or when paper copies have been printed and shipped) it cannot be corrected after the fact; but in the case of the archived digital copies of such materials, it IS possible to fix errors post-production, and to correct the record in the archival versions (for the benefit of future digital readers).

    It gratifies us to be able to correct any errors and provide the highest quality resources for our membership; and we will always avail ourselves of any method-- be it before, or after, production-- to maintain them in as accurate a state as possible.

    I'll pass your comments along to the Publications staff.

    Best wishes,

    Markus Harris
    Communications Director (NAWCC)

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