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    Default Lancaster Watch Company Logo

    A month or so ago, I bought a t-shirt from the NAWCC store. It pictured a skeleton holding a scythe and sitting on a watch movement. The description said that it was the logo of the Lancaster Watch Company. The logo is a bit macabre but my wife finds it really neat, as do I.

    It looks like the Lancaster Watch Company was around in the 1890's for about 10 years before closing and subsequently becoming the Hamilton Watch Company.

    I searched for the logo on the internet but found nothing. I was wondering if the logo was ever inscribed on their watch plates. If so, I'd love to find an example.

    I was going to post a link to the t-shirt in the NAWCC store but appears that their clothing link is no longer there.
    Mort in York, PA

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    Default Re: Lancaster Watch Company Logo (By: mldenison)

    Hi Mort,
    You can see the trade card with that logo in this thread (post #36): http://mb.nawcc.org/showthread.php?8...ancaster+watch

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    Default Re: Lancaster Watch Company Logo (By: Dave Coatsworth)

    Thanks, Dave. The trade card is neat. Lots of info in that thread. It appears that finding a watch with the logo on it is very slim.
    Mort in York, PA

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