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    Default Re: Hamilton model 21 (By: DeweyC)

    My personal face to face meeting with Dr. Ravel was also nasty. I agree with Dewey as to Dr. Ravel's attitude toward people.

    Jerry Freedman

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    Default Re: Hamilton model 21 (By: Jerry Freedman)


    Thank you for not dismissing my experience out of hand.

    Tom, believe it or not there are some people in this world who think I am absolutely despicable. There are others who think I am a saint. I am neither. People are not uni-dimemnsional ; we are very complex and to think otherwise is to be naive.

    My relationship with Bob Ravel was as a serious competitor. Yours was as a customer. He was very angry and dismissive at my intent to compete with him. Who would not be? And to be in control of the Library and yet have some smart alec come along and locate the very documents for which he spent years searching? Do you truly believe he treated me like a friend?

    Yet, I eventually sold him material. It is all business; had nothing to do with whether we liked each other as human beings.

    And please, do not tell me you seriously believe everyone who is pleasant to you is your friend.

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    Default Re: Hamilton model 21 (By: DeweyC)

    Quote Originally Posted by DeweyC View Post
    Death does not change facts. Tom, your role as Moderator does not give you permission to say "they are dead so what you say cannot be true". There are plenty of people still around who remember the "competition". Please be more judicious in your statements.

    You COULD have said " I remember Bob Ravel differently". But you chose not to.

    As for Adam; not a claim; they WERE on top of the cabinet. Ask Nancy or (Eileen I think was there too?). (and do NOT tell me they are unavailable not around). The burden of disproving anyone's statements always lies with the challenger!
    I do not see the words you quoted in my post. I made a statement of fact that they are no longer alive and I related my personal experiences with both of them.
    Tom McIntyre Click me.
    If you don't learn to laugh at trouble,
    you won't have anything to laugh at when you're old.
    Will Rogers

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    Default Re: Hamilton model 21 (By: Tom McIntyre)

    About what I ehxpected. So it goes.

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