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    Default Re: Freak of navigation (By: novicetimekeeper)

    Quote Originally Posted by novicetimekeeper View Post
    These are sailing ships, I think the idea is to have a lot of fun so it is a very good natured affair.

    This was around 1925 about 30 years has past since sailing ships were king. See the wooden cricket bat what do you think they were used for not fun for the receiver. And this battle ship later in it's life was at Pearl Harbor on Dec 7 but my Grandfather was station on a carrier at the time of the attack.

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    Default Re: Freak of navigation (By: River rat)

    It's a bit mote friendly on the Barque Europa. (she was still a lightship on the Elbe in 1925)

    That's the Captain with the Trident.

    Nick, lots to learn, late starter.

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    Default Re: Freak of navigation (By: MartyR)

    That's kind of like the "4 corners" on land only this is at sea......

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