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    Default Re: Rusty Balance Staffs (By: darrahg)

    Quote Originally Posted by darrahg View Post
    I keep my staffs in glass vials and add a minor amount of watch oil for rust prevention. I isolate rusty ones from my good staffs and still add the oil to slow the process. I don't usually work on the rust (by lathe) until I absolutely need one. And, I don't intentionally purchase or use staffs with rusty pivots; just my thing.
    I also store my staffs in small glass vials with cork stoppers. I coat a liberal amount of Mobile1 oil ( my synethic clock oil) to prevent rusting or slow it down . I got the idea to started using 1/8 inch diameter cratex Xfine rubberize abrasives to clean any staff surface rust in my lathe. I use a razor blade to shape the abrasive to a point. It seems to works really well conforming to the pivot cone shape without really removing much steel material. In most instances, I have to reduce the pivots in my Jacot tool to custom fit staff to the existing balance jewels.

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    Default Re: Rusty Balance Staffs (By: RJSoftware)

    Quote Originally Posted by RJSoftware View Post
    I had thought that plastic something that last forever, but no, sunshine and the forces of weather eventually decompose it.
    It might 'decompose' RJ - but it doesn't go away - it just breaks down into ever smaller parts which it is believed will be around for hundreds of years to come

    My storage process is the same as darrahg, although I use a dab of mainspring grease rather than oil. Also, whenever I use a staff from a vial, I wash the whole stock content of that vial and re-grease the ones retained.

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