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Thread: 4Sale$

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    Default 4Sale$

    I see that it has been pulled from the toolbar on the main site.

    However, it is still on the message board; yet, not available.

    Also the feedback forum is still active.

    I assume someone is aware of this?

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    Technical Admin Tom McIntyre's Avatar
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    Default Re: 4Sale$ (By: Dick C)

    I suppose that if the link has been removed from the main site we should remove it here also. We do take a more historical view of the community here on the Message Board though.
    Tom McIntyre Click me.
    If you don't learn to laugh at trouble,
    you won't have anything to laugh at when you're old.
    Will Rogers

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    NAWCC Communications Director
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    Default Re: 4Sale$ (By: Dick C)

    Actually, the fate of 4Sale@NAWCC is currently on hold.

    The reason the web link to 4sale disappeared from the upper horizontal toolbar on nawcc.org was that, due to the recent reformat of the site, we needed a few dozen pixels of extra room there for the site to display correctly in Firefox (otherwise that menu would be truncated). Since the 4sale link is currently suspended and leads only to a "site offline" message, there seemed no reason to maintain it.

    The link can be displayed here on the MB for as long as the administrators here think it good. As I said, the fate of 4sale is currently on hold, so links to it technically do nothing, at least for the time being.


    Markus Harris
    Communications Director (NAWCC)

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    Registered User FDelGreco's Avatar
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    Default Re: 4Sale$ (By: Markus Harris)


    While you are at it, you might remove the library book sale banner from the home page. The auction is over -- there is nothing for sale.


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    Default Re: 4Sale$ (By: FDelGreco)

    I am in search of a used MicroSet or Timetrax timer. I there a appropriate place to post such a request?
    Jim Foster

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    Default Re: 4Sale$ (By: James Foster)

    Hello James,
    We have just added a 'Tools Wanted' sticky in the Tools forum. You can add your request there.

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    Default Re: 4Sale$ (By: Dave Coatsworth)

    Dave just a note:
    I placed a parts wanted post and the need no longer exists.
    Shouldn't the poster of that sort of message be able to delete or cancel them their selves?
    Presently I assume I have to ask moderator to remove it, and identifying those so you can find it can be difficult sometimes...

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    Administrator Bill Stuntz's Avatar
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    Default Re: 4Sale$ (By: PWfanatik)

    It's easy. Just click the little black triangle "Report Post" button in the post's footer. We're glad to help users who need to edit their posts after the 30 minute timeout.

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