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    Default Welch Ogee Glass question

    When I found this clock it had an old post card taped to the back of the glass door. Would it have had a reverse painting or some sort of decal? Maybe just plain glass? I have thought of getting one of the decals with an eagle but want it to be correct looking. How did these come originally? Thanks!
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    Default Re: Welch Ogee Glass question (By: bondo3)

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the clock is in fairly rough shape. Because of the condition, I would say that you should install whatever you like, and not worry too much about authenticity.

    As far as the condition: All of the mahogany veneer appears to have been removed from the front of the case, and the base pine has been sanded and stained brown. The dial has also been retouched or painted-over. Normally these have decorative corner spandrels (hand painted flowers) but not always. The centre hole of the dial is also not usually this large.

    As far as a tablet, it depends on the age. This is a miniature ogee (or oog in this case) and they were made over a fairly long period. Very early ones would have hand painted tablets (using stencils), while later ones had decal style ones with scenery of buildings or geometric patterns. They would not have had a clear glass.

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    Default Re: Welch Ogee Glass question (By: Sooth)

    Thanks Sooth. I know its rough, but it is my first and works great. Most of the veneer was gone when I got it so it was I who did the evil deeds. Now if I can get the chime less loud to satisfy my crazy wife who hates ticks and tocks and chimes....

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