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    Default Negus Chronometer #1323

    Anyone know the whereabouts of Negus #1323 box chronometer?

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    Default Re: Negus Chronometer #1323 (By: Paul Regan)

    Perhaps you are particularly interested in this chronometer because of its past history? Might you consider enlightening us as regards what you know about it? Might help someone twig to an answer for you.

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    Default Re: Negus Chronometer #1323 (By: doug sinclair)

    Doug, I know where the box is without a movement. The box has an original nameplate with name and number and gimbal.

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    Default Re: Negus Chronometer #1323 (By: Paul Regan)


    Good luck. Years ago I was invited to look at a warehouse in NYC. There were piles 15 ft. high 10 ft across at the bottom with 3 ft between piles for as far as I could see. All boxes, binnacles, sextants, clocks and chronometer movements. Knowing how this stuff got treated commercially, you are literally looking for a detent in haystack.

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    Default Re: Negus Chronometer #1323 (By: DeweyC)

    Yes Dewey, it is probably hopeless but I just wanted to give a shot at putting a pair back together. I did a Google search and in 2005 there was an "Alvin" requesting info on a Negus Chronometer #1323 so it probably is still out there less its original box.
    BTW Dewy, I saw what you did to Bond #199 and it looked magnificent!

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    Default Re: Negus Chronometer #1323 (By: Paul Regan)

    I'd be interested in the box. I meant to chase it on ebay and got distracted. I don't have 1323, but do have one worthy of an original Negus box.


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    Default Re: Negus Chronometer #1323 (By: Ralph)

    Ralph, could you please email me at "pwatches@gmail.com".

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    Default Re: Negus Chronometer #1323 (By: Paul Regan)

    The site I referred to above is "Found Collection". It appears to be an old chat board. Here is the message the person "Alva" placed;
    "I have a chronometer TS & JD Negus New York N 1323
    I need any information about this.
    please send me an email
    thank you"
    I can find no way to attempt to contact this Alva on this site. The chronometer must still be around.

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    Technical Admin Tom McIntyre's Avatar
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    Default Re: Negus Chronometer #1323 (By: Paul Regan)

    Can you post the URL of where you found "found collection?"
    Tom McIntyre Click me.
    If you don't learn to laugh at trouble,
    you won't have anything to laugh at when you're old.
    Will Rogers

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    Default Re: Negus Chronometer #1323 (By: Tom McIntyre)

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    Default Re: Negus Chronometer #1323 (By: Ralph)

    Thanks Ralph!

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