COLUMBIA, PA: You can see time and hear time. But did you know that you can even smell time?

Sacred: Symbolism of the Religious Concept of Time opens at the National Watch and Clock Museum on Friday, April 22. The exhibit looks at how the five major religions view the passage of time as it relates to their own practices. It will use objects from the Museum and explain the inherent symbolism of these timepieces. Time has and will always be an important aspect to all religions.

Clocks in ancient and modern Buddhist temples have historically used incense to measure time. As time passes by, the incense in the timepiece continues to burn with the smell of the incense indicating the time of day. Also among the many timepieces in the exhibit are Buddhist calendars, the kalachakra or wheel of time, wooden cathedral clocks, a nineteenth century Bible, the Aztec calendar, Jewish pocket watches, a clock that rings out the times for Christians to pray the Angelis Domini, a clock with the three fates of Greek myth, and a brief video on apostolic clocks.

Sacred: Symbolism and the Religious Concept of Time runs through December 31, and is included with Museum admission.

Kim Craven
NAWCC Marketing and Events Coordinator