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    Default Re: Some good and not so good news on my stolen pocket watches.... (By: topspin)

    tough situation. I had a similar situation. I buy from dealers across the globe. Cupla years ago, a store in Chicago bought a couple pocket watches, out the forms correctly (he said) and sold them to me. I of course, did not fill out any papers as it was a dealer to dealer transaction. I gave them to my wife who does her ebay division thing. Someone saw them and said they were stolen from UPS. We co-operated fully and did not wrong. However the owner got on these very boards and accused us of wrong doing. Of course, we DID insist on proof of ownership. Anyone can call us up (and HAVE...) and try to scam us out of things saying they were stolen from them.(I could tell you horror stories). Anyway, the nawcc member sent a colleague of his to my store and he was VERY nasty and accusatory... and I said...hey... you are lucky you are dealing with someone who is straight up and will help you get your watches back.. please do not be snotty. He smiled and thanked me and left. And then BLASTED me on social media, yelp, google etc. with one star rating going on and on about stolen watches! I did nothing wrong! Still smarts to see those reviews.
    Jeffrey P. Hess, collector, historian, writer, CEO Ball WATCH USA

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    Default Re: Some good and not so good news on my stolen pocket watches.... (By: TwoBoyMom)

    Quote Originally Posted by TwoBoyMom View Post
    Hi, Kevin!
    I realize this is now a "historical" thread, but I was wondering what ever happened with your watches?
    I live just a few minutes from Bellevue (on Mercer Island) and if there is anything that you think I might be able to help you with regarding the situation, please let me know.
    Hopefully, all is well and your watches are back at home with you (ALL of them!). But, if not, let me know. I can be very "persuasive" when I want to be and irritatingly persistent on top of that! ������
    I just get a bit "personally offended" when people are being taken advantage of or outright ripped off and LOVE being part of a resolution solution! ������
    Anyway, hope this finds you well and with good news!
    Kind regards,
    Hello Melanie, thanks for the offer. The shop owner was reluctant to turn over watches from what my local sheriffs office said, but eventually authorities out there picked them up and shipped them back east last year, sometime in August or September of 2016. I got a chance to view them last September and identify them and access the damage briefly. The subject was finally charged with about 4 or 5 felonies later, but as of yet I've not heard of a conviction or plea agreement. The watches therefore are still being held as evidence and I have not seen them since. Which reminds me I should call the DA's office and see how things are going- they are understaffed and way behind in cases (many are getting tossed out as they in some instances are 3 years behind). The present DA is stepping down at the end of the year so things there not likely to get much better. The whole ordeal is rather depressing and my interest in watches has waned a lot in the last year and a half. I recorded all serial numbers of the watches that remained and now have them securely locked away, so its hard to get much enjoyment out of them anymore- used to like to display some of them around the house etc..

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