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    Default Keininger movement click spring

    I came make a new spring if you cannot find one.
    E-mail me direct.

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    Mark A. Butterworth

    Default Keininger movement click spring (By: Bill Curley)

    I assume you tried the usual sources-LaRose, Timesavers, Black Forest Imports as they are suppliers of Kiennger parts. If not, try that first. If you are interested, we can provide the entire movement.
    Mark A. Butterworth

    Edited to make the email address live.

    [This message was edited by Phil Schilke on February 28, 2003 at 20:26.]

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    Default Keininger movement click spring (By: Bill Curley)

    If you have the movement number I may be able to source it from Keininger. There is a chance though they have made a running change.

    David E Fahrenholz
    Fahrenholz Clock & Watch
    NAWCC #0156368

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