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    Default cuckoo bellows paper

    i have a cuckoo clock, that need the paper replace,, but they don't make these's small type.. they tell me to get the paper and make them,,, is there a book or someone who can tell me how to make new tops for my clock? thanks

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    Registered user. Sooth's Avatar
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    Default cuckoo bellows paper

    If you just get the paper, you can easily make new bellows yourself for any cuckoo clock.

    As a matter of fact, I had to do this for the first time 2 days ago, and it was quite easy.

    If you have a clock catalog, you can see a photo of pre-cut bellows papers, which will give you an idea of what they look like.

    Basically you just need two measurments to make the bellows. The length and width of the wooden top/bottom.

    It's basically a square (use same length as width of bellows top/bot ex: 1 x 1) then you need to measure the length ex: 1 1/2 and cut the two triangles at that length.

    Then you leave some extra material all around (about 1/8) and cut it.

    Then you need to fold it all over (this can be a bit hard to explain)...

    If you want help with this, I can take a photo of a basic pattern and guide you through it. It's not very hard, and once you've got it, you'll be able to fix many others.

    Either PM me, or e-mail if interested.

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    Default cuckoo bellows paper

    Randy, I have a formula and drawings to help you. Send your email address me and I'll send it to you. Let me know if you have MS Word, otherwise I'll send it in PDF format. Put Cuckoo Belows in the email header so I don't inadvertently delete it :0)
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    Default cuckoo bellows paper

    Paper - are you talking about the actual bellows material itself (used to be kid, now synthetic fabric) or the paper that the bellows is covered in for decoration?
    If the latter, I usually make it - I will tell you how, if that is what you need.
    Mike - banned member of the throwaway society. :o

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    Default cuckoo bellows paper

    I purchase new bellow tops from timesavers they have several sizes $4.50 pair


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    Registered user. Cathy in Hawaii's Avatar
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    Default cuckoo bellows paper

    Aloha Randy,

    Cuckoo clock bellows are easier to do than they are to explain.

    Take the wooden bellows top and lay it face down on some tyvek. (Or really thin leather). Open the wooden parts to about where they would be when they are cuckooing. Draw a line along the top and bottom edges of the bellows. Then lay the bellows top on it's side with the front corners at the previous marks you made and mark teh top and bottom edges again. What you will end up with is a long triangle on each side of a square shape. You should be able to fold it either lengthwise or shortwise and have it match. <[]> A shape sort of like that. Fold the "ears" back on each side of the square shape, then fold it in half lengthwise. Press the creases in. Now unfold it and lay it flat.

    Use a toothpick and smear a bit of elmer's glue or other woodglue on the front edge of the wood bellows top. (This is assuming the hinge is in good shape, otherwise, replace the hinge with a bit of tyvek before starting this whole venture.) Put the front bellows edges on the top and bottom edges of the middle square shape and let it set up a bit. Then you can smear a bit of glue on the sides of the wooden bellows top and then fold the tyvek "ears" back along the side. Let them set up a bit, then smear a bit of glue on the remaining end of the "ears" and glue those to the back edges along where the hinge is. Let it dry, then fold the tyvek in while shutting the bellows top.

    You can either remove the wire that lift's the bird's tail or make a slit in the tyvek where the wire is so you can install the tyvek without making wrinkles around the bird wire.

    Go slow and easy, don't use much glue or it can become a sticky mess at a moment's notice. It isn't as difficult as it seems, though.

    Are we having fun yet?

    A hui hou,

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    Registered user. Mike Phelan's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
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    Default cuckoo bellows paper

    As my question was not answered (and you are referring to the tops) we still don't know, Randy, what paper you are referring to, or have I missed something?
    See previous reply; I would like to know!
    Mike - banned member of the throwaway society. :o

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    Forums Administrator harold bain's Avatar
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    Default cuckoo bellows paper

    Randy, Philip Balcomb's book, The Clock Repair First Reader has a good section on cuckoo repair, including making your own bellows. Unless room is a problem in your case, the next closest size of premade bellows tops will work.
    harold bain, Member ch 33
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    Default cuckoo bellows paper

    Randy, when I have a broken bellows, that is not possible to repair, I make a new ones with wood and very thin leather.

    I prefer very thin leather than new materials, because I think this is more genuine and give bellows a long life.

    But there are a problem. If the clock movement need a light bellows weight, maybe this kind of bellows are too heavy.

    Kind regards,
    What´s the meaning of life?

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