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    Default Re: Joe Collins Spring Winder Plans (By: ncollar)

    Quote Originally Posted by ncollar View Post
    Thanks for replying to my post. When I click on the pics it starts to redirect and just times out before it does anything. Any help would be more than appreciated.
    nel2lar (AT) yahoo (DOT) com
    Adobe Acrobat is notoriously finicky. Try right clicking on each picture and choosing "Save Target As", then save them to your computer and try opening them directly, not through the browser.

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    Default Re: Joe Collins Spring Winder Plans (By: bangster)

    Well, I guess I had better get brave & try to make a winder like you invented Joe.
    Thanks for allowing us to copy your invention & thanks to bangster for posting it on here.

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    Default Re: Joe Collins Spring Winder Plans (By: David S)

    I'd like to thank Joe Collins for his plans, and also everyone on this forum for sharing their ideas. I'd also like to encourage anyone who doubts they have the ability to make a success of it, to give it a go. I lack the tools and skills to make a nice job of this sort of project, but produced a functional winder, which I used for the first time today.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20161123_152044901_HDR.jpg 
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    As you can see from the picture it is made mostly from old scraps of wood and 15mm copper domestic water pipe. For the spring clamp I've used an old hole saw which was part of a cheap set of 4 different sizes. I filed the teeth to take the sharp edges off.

    I had to purchase the T bar tap wrench (for M3 to M6), the two long M6 bolts and wing nuts, and "jubilee" hose clips, totalling around five pounds. For a temporary spring hook I passed a long screw driver through and clamped it with the workbench.

    The way I clamped the wrench to the pipe makes the spring clamp access difficult, but now I've proven to myself I can make something that works, I'll be tidying it up, sorting out the brake, spring hook etc.

    I wouldn't have done it without your generous sharing of ideas and experience, thanks again.


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    Default Re: Joe Collins Spring Winder Plans (By: Tim4t)

    HI Tim, Nice going. It is always more rewarding when you can re-purpose stuff and keep costs down.

    Also looks like you have it on a Workmate. We used to make them at my plant here in Brockville.

    David S

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    Default Re: Joe Collins Spring Winder Plans (By: David S)

    Congrats! As time goes on, you'll have it looking dang near professional!
    A reminder: It is common MB courtesy to acknowledge / thank people for the information and assistance they give you

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    Default Re: Joe Collins Spring Winder Plans (By: leeinv66)

    Dear Joe.

    Thanks for the draws. It will be very usable to me.

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    Default Re: Joe Collins Spring Winder Plans (By: saconi)

    Joe and Bangster, thanks so much for the winder plans. I downloaded them five minutes ago, and will get started on the construction tomorrow! Time is the enemy, but clocks are friends.
    Best Wishes,

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