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    Default Re: Hamilton 4992B used by the Naval Observatory (By: Jim Haney)

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Haney View Post
    You would have to start with the box which states the WWV or microwave signals and come up with your own theory based on your doctorate degree.
    Well, Jim, physicists are trained to perform simple, "back-of-the-envelope" calculations to determine the orders of magnitude of the quantities involved in a scenario, to see if it is plausible, before delving into detailed theories. That's what I just did, and based on my analysis, it does not seem plausible to me that any mechanical timekeeper would be useful for measuring the minute variations in the time delay between the emitted and received radio signals between any two points on the Earth's surface.
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    Default Re: Hamilton 4992B used by the Naval Observatory (By: Dave Chaplain)

    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Chaplain View Post
    Rhett, is 4C20179 in a lucite case like the one on the right in post #10 already in your list of 5?
    Dave, the recent online sale was a new example. Which puts the total I've recorded at 6.
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