Hello All,

I am a novice woodworker, and I was recently inspired by https://imgur.com/a/9P5Z3 to build a grandfather clock. However, I don't want to just stick a quartz movement in it. Therefore, I want to select a reliable movement. From what I have read, it is better to build the case around the movement, so selecting the movement is the first step.

I will be the first to admit that I know next to nothing about grandfather clocks, and movements. Usually when I embark on a project, I jump head first and learn everything I can. However, I am surprisingly finding the internet a bit lacking on information about different movements and options. I have determined that Hermle is a popular option, and that 451-050/94 might be suitable. However, I am looking for recommendations.

As an engineer, down the road I will want to know how to calculate all of the proper parameters, but we can worry about that later.

So, what movements do you recommend for a novice? I want something that is simple to setup and maintain, but still has that authentic feel.