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    Neal Yerkes

    Default Waltham No 1. US Navy Deck Clock

    About 15 years ago I inherited a brass case screw bezel Waltham No.1 US Navy deck clock. It has the Naval Observatory certification number 3315. Can anyone tell me the approximate age of this clock or where I might find that information. I would also like to know if there are archives where I might find the service history of this clock. Local clockmakers say they have never heard of a Waltham deck clock and are surprised when they see it in. A Google search doesn't yield any info either. Any information appreciated.

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    Neal Yerkes

    Default Waltham No 1. US Navy Deck Clock (By: Neal Yerkes)

    Waltham US Navy Deck Clock Photos

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    Default Waltham No 1. US Navy Deck Clock (By: Neal Yerkes)

    Hello Neal,

    # 3312 is lot number for bulk purchase of Waltham clocks. What is the movement's serial number and company name? Is the escapement mounted vertical or horizontal?

    What is the dial's diameter?

    If you would provide me with the above information I could estimate manufacture date.

    Andy Dervan

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    Default Waltham No 1. US Navy Deck Clock (By: Neal Yerkes)

    Waltham deck clocks were made by the Waltham Clock Co.; I am not sure whether before or after the company was purchased by Waltham Watch Co. Some were civilian (I own one) others (see above) were military. They are discussed in Marvin Whitney's book "Military Timepieces." They are all uncommon, and the military versions are downright scarce.
    Ed Christiansen

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    Neal Yerkes

    Default Waltham No 1. US Navy Deck Clock (By: Neal Yerkes)

    Thank you both for the reply. In answer to Andy Dervan, the face is approximately 5 1/2" in diameter as it appears through the glass. I have not been inside the clock since I am not competent to do so. WECHRIS is correct about the manufacturer. On the back of the case is stamped, "Waltham Clock Co.". I had not noticed before but there is a bar between "Waltham" and "Clock Co.". On the bar is an almost microscopic engraving, "S1692 4-". I had to use a magnifying glass to see it. You can see the bar but not the engraving in the photo below. I cannot give you the escapement information. The number engraved on the clock face according to a dealer was a Naval Observatory certification number. SEE:


    The dealer recently sold a 1915 Seth Thomas with such a number. That is where I found my information and assumed it true but again I am an amateur and rely on what I have gleaned from the internet.

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    Default Re: Waltham No 1. US Navy Deck Clock (By: Neal Yerkes)

    The clock I am asking about is identical to yours. The serial number of the movement is 30759
    and the NO number is3465. The back is the same as yours too.

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    Default Re: Waltham No 1. US Navy Deck Clock (By: rcnret)

    I have the same clock also. Numbered 3217. I would love to find out more about this. The story in my family is that my Great Grandpa received it as a gift after WWI.

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    Default Re: Waltham No 1. US Navy Deck Clock (By: Kojin)

    Hello All,

    These clocks were made by Waltham Watch Co. - it purchased Waltham Clock Co. in 1914.

    Any numbers on the dial are navy contract numbers not serial numbers.

    Time only movements have serial numbers 3X,XXX

    The clock with movement serial number 30759 was made 1916 - 1919 probably for WWI.

    I have smaller clock with 4 inch black dial, but have not opened to check serial number, and I had a civilian version given as a racing prize during 1920's, but sold it many years ago.

    Andy Dervan

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