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    Default January/February's Object - Ansonia Street Clock

    The National Watch & Clock Museum recently acquired a very rare Ansonia Street Clock and Movement. The clocks history took it from the Ansonia workshops to Quincy, Illinois, to Memphis, Missouri, then to Los Alamos, New Mexico and finally to Tampa, Florida. You can follow the clock on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/AnsoniaStreetClock

    Here's the timeline for our Ansonia Street Clock:

    1884 to 1923 – Quincy, Illinois

    In 1884, the Ansonia Street Clock is originally purchased by Heinz and Rosenthal Jewelry, 500 Maine Street (southeast corner of Fifth and Maine) in Quincy, IL. Sometime between 1888 and 1894, the clock is moved to 118 North 5th Street (corner of 5th and Maine) and remains at this location until 1923. The clock passes through the hands of three jewelers while located at 118 North 5th Street:

    M. Huffman Jewelry
    Trask and Plain Jewelry
    Odell’s Jewelry

    1923 to 1969 - Memphis, Missouri

    In 1923, the street clock is sold to W B McLane, Memphis, MO (McLane Jewelry) and is set up on the square. McLane Jewelry is subsequently purchased by W B Laird (Laird Jewelry). The clock is damaged during a heavy snow storm when it is knocked down by city snow removal equipment.

    1969 to 1984 - Los Alamos, New Mexico

    In 1969, Charles “Chuck” Bottom, a private collector from Los Alamos, NM, purchases damaged clock from W B Laird and transports it to Los Alamos, NM where it is restored and set up in his back yard at 2490 Club Road, Los Alamos, NM.

    1984 to 2013 – Tampa, FL

    In 1984, Stan Good, Stan Good Clocks, purchases clock and installs it in front of his clock repair business at 107 S MacDill Avenue, Tampa, FL.

    2014 – Columbia, PA

    Upon Stan Good’s death in October, 2013, the street clock is sold to the NAWCC. The clock is disassembled and transported to the National Watch & Clock Museum, Columbia, PA in January, 2014.

    (Courtesy of Don Bugh)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails small_MG_1398.jpg   small_MG_1402.jpg   small_MG_1403_2.jpg   small_MG_1421.jpg   Quincy,,Fifth_Street_Looking_North_From_Maine_detail.jpg  

    Noel B. Poirier
    National Watch & Clock Museum

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