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    Default Pioneer Watch Case Insert

    I have just picked a Waltham '92 Royal in a coin silver case with a swing out Pioneer insert. A first for me. As the case minus the insert weighs just 2 ounces which seems very light for an 18 size case, was this insert designed to strengthen the case? If so, was coin silver so expensive to warrant the manufacture of this type of insert? Or does it have a different purpose altogether? The insert has the same serial number as the case. PeterClick image for larger version. 

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    Smile Re: Pioneer Watch Case Insert (By: Nick23)

    This is purely my opinion. I have no documentation that this actually happened (other than the sale of the business): Crescent bought the Waltham case business in 1890. It's possible that Waltham-marked parts were included in the sale and that Crescent used up the existing supply.

    As for the reason for the brace (aka 'stiffener'), I think that you've got it right. Waltham used them on silver cases because they were needed to help the case hold its shape and yes, the silver needed to make the case stronger cost more than the cost of making the stiffener. Its sort of the same reason why sardines are packed so tightly in their can, they're cheaper than the oil they displace.
    That guy down in Georgia

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    Default Re: Pioneer Watch Case Insert (By: Kent)

    Kent, thank you for the reference to the sardines, always wondered why they packed so many of the little devils in the tins. Learn something new everyday.

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    Default Re: Pioneer Watch Case Insert (By: richiec)

    I have a Nickel Swing Out Waltham Poineer case, It is very thick and no internal brace obviously because the nickel is cheap and made thick enough in this instance. I have not seen too many of them without a brace inside. The Waltham Pioneer is heavily embossed into the inside of the case. A cheap but uncommon case from what I have observed.

    I have not seen one with a gold colour(brass?) brace though from memory. I usually only see polished nickel or steel braces in these from memory.
    Nigel Harrison

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