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Thread: Was Lanshire

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    Default Was Lanshire

    Several days ago I posted a request to replace a Lanshire type SS-2 motor. I've found out that they are no longer in production, and one person could rewire it. But the customer refused to have it repaired. In the mean time I'm wondering if a replacement electric movement would work with the original hands. The hour pipe is 6.33 mm and the minute "I" shaft is 3.11 mm X 4.7 mm. Is there any replacement that will let the original hands to work? Or is there a way to attach these chrome hands to a replacement movement. Thanks

    Ed Schmitt
    Shadows of Times Past

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    Default Re: Was Lanshire (By: Ed Schmitt)

    Hey Ed,

    Did you ever get a solution on this one?
    Are you winding me up?

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