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Thread: Hermle 340-020

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    Default Re: Hermle 340-020 (By: harold bain)

    Could be the fork out of position. They are fussy about where they interact with the wheel. They have to be right on the edge of the flat areas and the fork. The also need to be straight and parallel to the floor.

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    Default Re: Hermle 340-020 (By: harold bain)

    Im going to clean the balance tonight and I will post any changes. thanks

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    Default Re: Hermle 340-020 (By: shutterbug)

    I too believe it's a power problem. I'm sure you feel you've done a good job on the bushings and they may be ok. If you add power to the 2nd with your finger nail and the balance jumps to life it's probably not the balance.

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