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    Default Hermle spring barrels

    Is there any way to tell which movements use no 20 or 21 barrels. I need two 20's which I understand is the same as no 21. Merritt's has repairman movements for $25, could be a cheap source of barrels and springs. Thanks for any help. Bob.

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    Default Re: Hermle spring barrels (By: Bob Fisher)

    Hello Bob, the 20 and 21 barrels are used in gthe 150 and 151 series of Hermle clocks. Why are you needing barrels ? they are not too tough to rebush. anyway I hope this helps.........tkd

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    Default Re: Hermle spring barrels (By: The Klock Dok)

    Thanks TheK,

    I was getting ready to dig into mount Hermle. The caps can be bought new, but the arbors will eat them up in a short while better to just replace the whole thing.


    Getting these return movements should be a good way to go, as long at the trouble they had was NOT with the barrel assembly. Tell them to check the barrels at the hook. If there has been a problem this hook ares will be pooched out.

    Willie X

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    Default Re: Hermle spring barrels (By: Willie X)

    Timesavers catalog has a chart for which barrels and which springs go with which Hermle movements.
    1. Check out the Repair Hints & How-To's forum. You may find your answer there.

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