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    Re: Tag Heuer S/EL information help.

    found one like yours that sold for 164. but the prices range from that to wall over 400. and some higher. with the digital/analogue face
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    Re: Tag Heuer S/EL information help.

    this is true. to the OP. LMK the sn, ill see what i can find out for you. as far as rarity. it is not rare. they were massed produced upper middle class, lower upper class timepieces. but will se...
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    Bvlgari ( bulgari) octo maserati

    A good friend of mine is looking for information on these. a limited amount were made. something like 1500?, hes looking to perhaps purchase one. will be released soon for sale. bvlgari and maserati...
  4. Re: touch up high worn spots on gold filled / plated watch cases ???

    would replating it, ruin the watch ? or? , im assuming so. tbh if it were me, id wear it as is. those old watches if they could tell stories Eh? :)
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    Re: Need help identifying a watch

    agreed. i could be, COULD be wrong, but, this DOES have some of the stylign cues from a 40's era watch, omega did not produe anythign liek that during the tiem frame. this to me does look like 60's...
  6. Re: Please help identify small pocket watch.

    i wonder you see the gear on mine , lower right hand corner. appears to be missing screws. but longines didnt say anythign about it. and it runs fine as is
  7. Re: trying to id this swiss? pocket watch

    was my great grandfathers. a german born english shipping captain. lol. anyhoo my father is in teh market to part with it. because of lack of funds. and property taxes etc. he has moms 3 carat...
  8. Re: Help To Identify Double Half Hunter Pocket Watch

    looks to almost be a longines? QUITE similar to mine except for the movement.
    http://mb.nawcc.org/images/imported/2012/02/103.jpg mines marked...
  9. Re: Probably a no name movement, but an interesting case. Looking for some history on

    that last picture is key. looks to be a makers mark. can you get a good macro of this? theres a member here. wanting to say microlisk.de has a HUGE databse of marks. in german but has an english...
  10. Re: my quest for half / demi hunters & sterling watch cases has driven me to non Amer

    this is my freres 14k half hunter case showing both outer and inner crystals. both flawless. but it has been essentially in a vault in my home for 20 years. taken out only to wind up and to...
  11. Re: Watchmaker quiz: need help identifying this swiss movement!

    this appears to be a jurgensen. perhaps earlier than 1900 though. ive got a longines/grosjean freres half hunter case. which through diligent search ive got a date range from 1884 to 19teens. yeah i...
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    Re: Question about movement

    | width="190" align="left" | G F (mit Scheibe und Pferdekopf im Kreis)
    | width="220" align="left" | http://mb.nawcc.org/content/horologium.herstellermarken/bildmarke_grosjean11.jpg
    | ...
  13. Re: Please help identify small pocket watch.

    similar to this frees hallmark? ive got them on both teh 14k case as well as movt.
    and case
  14. Re: Ideas for saving this vintage Swiss watch?

    i dont know if you've removed crown/movement yet. BUT i did a closeup edit of your movement. i BELIEVE the encircled screw removes said crown/stem
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    Re: pocket watch what is it?

    could that fleur de lis be a squirrel? my grosjean freres has this squirrel on it. a swiss term/marking for 14k.
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    Re: avance retard pocket watch

    or use image tags such as without the period followed by picture files usually will end in .jpg i know this is an old reply but still for what its worth it will help.. by the way. any updates on...
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    Re: avance retard pocket watch

    http://mb.nawcc.org/ should upload now? image tags were in wrong place

    edit. i guess not. either way, my grosjean frere watch has the same advance /...
  18. Re: trying to id this swiss? pocket watch

    yes i agree now :). after much searching. the squirrel hallmark the k14 etc. and the gf. found another one via diligent searching.
  19. Re: trying to id this swiss? pocket watch

    hmm. your database us a godsend :) both gp with open top circle, and gf with open top circle arent seen there. now that is weird. it DOES appear to be a close oval/circle around the gf. i guess it...
  20. Re: trying to id this swiss? pocket watch

    you may actually be right. it very well may be a gf . my loupe is at the shop currently. will check today when i go in and update asap.
  21. Re: trying to id this swiss? pocket watch

    Danke :coolsign:
  22. Re: trying to id this swiss? pocket watch

    yeah it is a bit of a mystery to me as well. wish there was a database of hallmarks/makers marks

    p.s. the setting lever is between 4&5 o clock not at 6 minutes
  23. Re: trying to id this swiss? pocket watch

    i zoomed in it was a GP both on the case and the movement
  24. Re: trying to id this swiss? pocket watch

    that is quite possible it appeared to be a p tho. will zoom the heck out of my picture and check. appreciate the response. i am a self taught watchmaker by trade. but have little experience in...
  25. trying to id this swiss? pocket watch

    i believe it is swiss made?
    any help would be greatly appreciated. ut is a lever set (lever at 6minutes) in a half hunter case. the semi encircled Gp is also on the movt. many thanks ahead of time...
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