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A Glashutte... at last!

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This post I'm writing just to show you a watch I've just aquired.
You might remember my post about Glashutte watch museum...


Yesterday I finally got myself a Glashutte watch to wear!

Of course, there were thousands of watches made in Glashutte in the GDR era, that can now be easily and cheaply obtained. However these are usually not in very good condition and those that are, are also quite expensive and too collectable to wear...

And so - despite I've always wanted - I never before laid my hands on one of the modern Glashutte made watches.
Why? The answer is easy - the price range, of course.
Obviously - when I wanted to buy a Prim, I wanted it with a Czech made in-house caliber, and when I want a Glashutte... Yes, I want a Glashutte made movement in it.

There are - and I think there always will be - movements made in Glashutte in Sachsen.
Still, if you want an in-house movement, you pay an in-house price for it.
And I think the prices of in-house Glashuttes start up somewhere around 1500 Euro range.

And if it's so... I had to get a pre-owned one.

This is a Nomos Tetra.
More affordable of the truely Glashutte made brands, and yet it's the cheapest version offered.
Still, I've not seen a Glashutte in my range before, so why hesitate?

Tetra is a small square watch, with the width (excl. crown) of only 27mm.
It's very tiny for a gents watch, more like American gents' watches from 1920s-1950s.
The case is very simple, square, with nice lugs.
It's minimallistic, like many Nomos watches are.

The crown is signed, but besides, here you can see there is nothing exceptional about this design.
This watch case looks like it was intended to be ordinary.

The dial is very well made, but it's also very ordinary - just painted metal, nothing special dial.
And so are the hands.

The case is just splash-proof and has a tightly snapped in caseback.
Unfortunately, I was unable to open it, and maybe even better, because I believe it's one of those you won't snap back in without a press...

Altering the focus...

...you can see the pictures are taken through lenses made in nearby Jena

The movement is the most popular Glashutte in house, the Alpha caliber:


After years of work it's not a chronometer anymore and I can't adjust it, because it's closed so tight...

And now the most important thing - finally something MY SIZE!
I have a Monty Burns wrist size and sometimes I think ladies watches would fit better.
This Nomos is just of the size I need.

It's a very well made, elegant watch, but it does not draw attention. It looks... nothing special.
Just a watch (meh). But is this a flaw? I think not...

The only thing I don't like about it is that it's pre-owned. Why? Because there is a lot of 'magic' in buying a brand new piece and with a one already used and abused - it's not so.

Still - if I cannot afford a brand new Glashutte, I think it's best to enjoy one I can.

Have a nice day!!!
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  1. geo.ulrich's Avatar
    very nice enjoy
  2. oyster's Avatar
    Very nice. Love the fact that they went with blue heat tempered hands (provided they are heat tempered that is...).
  3. pmwas's Avatar
    Yes, so the producer says. Blue tempered.