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The Three Emperors' Corner - part five - Grandma's watch

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And hello to you again.
Today's tale starts right by Cracov mentioned before, in the town of Wieliczka, south from it.
It's the birthplace of my grandmother, also a town renowned from it's salt mine hundreds years old.

This is my grandmother's watch - a French Herma. I think she still livede in Wieliczka when she bought it.
She told me a story she won the money on some declamatory contest and bought herself a watch.
This must have been somewhere around 1950 - hard post war times when having a watch was not an obvious thing, and yet she had a GOOD watch - she was so proud!

Below you can see the watch disassembled.

The dial is bad and - as you'll see, so is the case.
In fact in these old times one - having just one watch - woud use a watch extensively, so mint condition is out of the question. As she got older she got another watch, but this one was then given to her mother (my great grandmother) for even further use.

I begin with assembling the balance bearings. There is some rust on the regulator, showing moisture had entered the watch at least one.

Then I go on with the mainspring and the setting mechanism.

The setting mechanism is a simple one, as you can see I switched it into setting position.
With the setting mechanism, you can continue with the train.
Be sure to place the clutch gear on the clutch lever before mounting the barrel bridge...

The winding pinion can be inserted from the dial side no problem.
The movement is probably French, and I expected France Ebauches, but it has a different marking under the dial.
I don't know this marking...

The movement is a typical mid-grade model of the fourties, well made, jewelled, with steel escapement, but very poor plates' finish. Made to last, but not to look good.

Below - the complete dial side and assembling of the pallet fork and balance.

The hairspring is damaged - the outrer coil is clearly out of shape. It also looks re-pinned to the stud.
My tweezers are not precise enough to correct the shape of a hairspring so small, so I just corrected the curvature and set the stud a little lower to get a relatively flat spring.
Other issue I have to mention is - again - a badly worn (non jewelled) center bearing dial side.

Casing... the crown tube had been removed from the case compromising water resistance it once had.
The movement uses a centering ring.

And there. I polished the plated case, but I'm quite sure it will oxidate in a few months. I don't know if it's chrome or maybe nickel?
The dial is bad and won't get any better - some signs are already bad.

In the time it was sold, it used to be a very good watch - water resistant with lume on dial and hands - not much left of it's former glory.
Obviously, it's a family heirloom, so it has much more sentimental than market value...
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