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Late English looking verge watch

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Spring everyone!!!

The view outside my window surely is inviting, yet not inviting enough to draw my nerdy soul away from my desk... At least for now, because I'm surely begining to feel an urge to go to the hillside and take a very long walk.
But this will have to wait a little more - today I got anothe package with a watch in it and that surely did draw most of my attention. Wonder if it's an addiction? Hmmmm...

That's the one. Looking at it - surely English, no doubt about it.

The worn case has no hallmarks and I don't know if it's silver. It looks like silver, but who knows?

The seller's picture showed a dirty, tarnished and not too well finished full plate movement:

I was not willing to spend money, as I'm kinda short at the moment, but it was way below $100 and still no bidders. So I just bid what the seller wanted and I won. Noone wanted this poor watch somehow...

I revealed it in the title, it is a verge watch. Seeing the second hand and late (circa 1850) style I hoped for a cylinder or duplex escapement inside, but it's a verge.

I disassembled the watch straight away. Someone had really worked hard on the taper pins, as one of them I could not remove by any means. I was able to disassemble the watch with this pin in the pilar, then it took half an hour to remove the pin from the hole. Why push so hard? The pin 'integrated' with the pilar!!!

Picture the first - the fusee and chain...

This watch has a 'friendly' fusee with exposed, screw-down ratchet assembly.
No friction rings, no pins.

The mainspring has a repaired inner end - the new hole nicely cut.
It's very rigid, so it's good it would fit in my winder so well. Would be hard to force it i with gloved fingers...

The plates cleaned up very nice.

The pilar plate is partly-gilded, most of it is just bare brass.
I start off with the escape wheel assembly and hey! This is no English watch! It's French!

See this? Whoever made this movement, made this as well:


No doubt - the same maker, the same technology and even similar (4 H this time) plate stamps.
Was it Japy Freres? Not sure...

The escape bearings needed no regulation - I found them perfectly adjusted.

This time the 4th gear is moved further from the edge to accomodate seconds hand.
The regulator is made entirely of brass this time, to cut the costs I presume...
Someone had filed down the plate that covers it, sadly...

The movement is now almost ready!
Below - the one and only jewel this watch has. It's not original, BTW, seeing the holes in the setting, it's obvious this comes from another watch. The steel ring that holds it in place might be original, o the other hand.

As you'll see below - the top pivot looks repaired and the balance cok is bent down as well. Looks like something 'killed' both the top pivot and the bearing jewel (if there was one, of course).

I found a better screw. Not as wide as it should be, but better.

The hour hand is silver tone and not original. Looks like a hand hand made by some watchmaker some day...
If so - has to be appreciated.

And the movement in all it's (regained) glory.

I think it was a low grade, cheapish verge watch in English lever age, but stil it's not bad and pretty well preserved. After cleaning, the bright plates look appealng, and maybe now someone would like to buy it for this low price I paid Don't want to sell it though...
It's my 4th verge and even though I hoped for a different escapement, I'm very pleased with what I got.

I don't know if it was a French watch for English market, or an English-finished French ebauche?
I'll post in 'european' forum and see what the guys know

All in all - a good buy! Turned out to be a beauty!
All I need to do now is adjust the beat as it's off. I pinned the hairspring as found, but it has an audible beat error. Rate close to correct, somewhat fast.

Have a nice day!!!

EDIT 04-11-2017

Adjusting the beat, I've run through my parts pox and I found a Waltham model 57 cap jewel.
Loos way better than the previous one

Barely noticable at quick glance...

I like what I see now!
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Updated 04-11-2017 at 06:53 AM by pmwas