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Springfield Watch Co. Miller No 1611

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Hello again!

Today's arrival - a Miller grade movement made in the first year of Springfield Watch Co's operations.
I've already shown a 'Currier's Patent' Currier and early Stuart, so I'll focus on repairs, less on movement's details, as it's very much the same as the two.

As for the grade, Miller is above Currier and below Bunn and Stuart, having 15 jewels, but in false settings.

As stated in description, the balance staff was bad indeed, and here's what I found on examination:

The barrel was open and the barrel bridge not screwed down fully. I guess someone must have unscrewed the barrel bridge with wound mainspring...
The jammed cannon pinion would not go off with a cannon pinion remover, and since it's smooth and there is no place to grab, I decided to gently punch the arbor in.
Repeated, reasonably gentle tapping will allow to punch in the arbor without damaging the underlying plate.
As you can see, half of the arbor is covered with rust, so the cannon pinion must have caught some water some time.
The lower balance jewel is cracked, but I have no perfect match at the moment, so I left it be for now.

The balance staff No 47602 (thanks for a tip, Dave ! ) arrived a few days ago, from France.
I prefer to 'try on' a new staff before riveting it, in case it turns out significantly off the desired parameters, which happens in early production movements of any maker. Of course, you can just remove the old staff and compare, but I got it quite wrong nontheless in the past... This one looks just perfect.
As you can see, I got myself a lovely roller remover at last!
The staff replacement went very smoothly and no visible damage can be now found...

Spin the balance to see if it's true, flat and if it just spins without resistance.
A well fitted balance appears to be spinning free forever...
As for the stud - funny, looks like someone filed some down and made a brass inlay. What for
Also, the ratchet wheel I found in the movement was terrible, so I looked for another early Illinois Springfield ratchet wheel. It's a tad larger, but should work, we'll see...

The parts, almost all of them, as I forgot to take the ratchet apart at first.
The mainspring had a bent inner coil, which broke as I tried to bend it straight, so I had to find a different one as well.

Assembling - easy. There is a nicely polished pallet fork, like in my Currier and Stuart.

The ratchet wheel is a bit tight on the arbor, but fits very well. And works well, too.
The last photo is taken under an angle that reveals the wonderful gloss of the plates.
In fact this movement has many surface marks on the plates, but the overall condition is remarkable and the gilt very bright.

The Springfield Watch Co dial is near mint, just wonderful.

The movement is housed ion a later Keystone silveroid case.
Not a dream, but good looking.

So glad the repairs went so smooth. Runs beautifully.
Not to be used, due to the cracked jewel, maybe I'll find a better one when I come back to this piece in a decade or so

Have a nice day!!!
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  1. lovewatches's Avatar
    Nice job.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Super early serial number makes it just that much better.
  2. pmwas's Avatar
    And yes, I try to get 4 digit numbers, best with Currier's Patent, when possible
    Never got a 3 digit by far...
  3. kinsler33's Avatar
    Splendid photographs. They make me want to do watches again, but my hand tremor confines me to clocks, phooey. Very fine work.

    M Kinsler
  4. pmwas's Avatar
    Thanks for kind words !
    Just now I've won a pretty much busted Bates, I hope it will come out equally well!