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  • From War to Boudoir

    This article encapsulates a PowerPoint presentation that has been presented at several NAWCC meetings. The intent of publishing it here is to see how well the simple conversion of images works to provide a meaningful presentation.

    This is the story of the Waltham 37 size 8 day clock/watch that was employed in a wide variety of settings by the Waltham Watch Co.

    There are detailed disassembly photographs at the bottom of the presentation courtesy of Chris Carey of Watertown Watch and Clock in Newton, MA.

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    1. hkugrad's Avatar
      hkugrad -

      Cannot thank you enough! Great presentation with new information I was not aware of. Have quite a few of the pictured examples, but a long way's to go. Thank for the information and your time!

    1. Kevin W.'s Avatar
      Kevin W. -
      Great presentation, enjoyed it very much.
      Thanks for the effort and time you put in it Tom.
    1. jakematic's Avatar
      jakematic -
      Excellent presentation. Thank you Tom.