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    Forum Structure

    Condensed view of Forum Home
    The structure of the forums, where our most active discussions take place, provides a top level view of all the topics of conversation our visitors have found useful under the general topic of Horology (The Art & Science of Time and Timekeeping). The titles in the top level display are in smaller type, so we can get the information in as small a space as possible. The idea is to make finding something you are familiar with as fast as possible.

    If you want to browse the Educational Forums, the Educational Forums top level Top portion of expanded Educational Forumsgroup can be expanded to fill the screen with an easier to read list format for all the educational categories available. You only need to click on the title in the solid color heading for Educational Forums.

    If you want to browse a narrower category, you can alternatively click on Clocks, Watches, or Miscellaneous Horology and see a list of that subset of what is available.

    Finding New Posts

    If you are a regular reader of these Forums, or intend to be a regular reader, you should explore the link on the left just below the main Navigation Bar that reads New Posts with an associated pair of numbers. This tool will show you the list of pasts made since your last visit (the larger, first number) and the total number of threads or conversations that contain those posts. If you click on the label "New Posts" you will see a display of all the new posts. If you click on the numbers, a drop down will appear with a list of categories you may be interested in. Clicking on one of these categories will show you the new posts in that category.

    You also have the option to look at only the current day's new posts or at all new posts.

    The display of new posts is divided into two sections, with the top section listing posts that are new since your last visit and the bottom section listing posts that have not been updated since your las visit, but that you have not yet read.

    Subscribing to Threads

    You have the option for any conversational thread to "subscribe" to all new posts in that thread. At the top of the section containing the thread's posts are links labeled Thread Tools, Search Thread and Display. If you click on Thread Tools, you will see a drop down list like the one shown here. The option labeled Subscribe will open the Thread Subscription form. (The subscription form is also available by navigating to the user's Settings page.)

    Using the subscription form, you may select the mechanism that will be used to notify you when a new post is available in the thread you have subscribed. Notices can be made locally on the Message Board in your notices field that is part of the User Identification Block, or can be sent to you by email, or can just be listed in the subscription list of your user settings. In addition to the method of notification, you can receive notices daily or weekly by email

    Forum Subscriptions
    There is a similar drop down for Forum Tools just above the top of a forum list of contents. This drop down provides a Forum Subscription link that is essentially the same as the Thread Subscription.

    Keyword Searching
    Often you will want to find information about a specific idea that you can express in a word or a few words. There are search functions for thread and forums that are next to the parallel subscription function. There is also a global search facility located at the far right end of the Navigation Bar. All of these search functions are described more fully in the article on searching the message board content.