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  • Introduction and Navigation

    The NAWCC Message Board is divided into content areas that provide for question and answer discussions (Forum), personal views in blog format (Our Voices), organized articles about horology and the community (Timely Topics) and more formal articles that represent the current viewpoint and best known facts about various areas of horology (Encyclopedia).


    Registered users are free to post questions in the Forums and other members will attempt to provide accurate answers or may extend the questions to broader areas. The Forums are very loosely structured and interactive. Each Forum has a general category that it attempts to cover so it is important to ask questions in the correct category. Once you have selected a Forum you can click on the button on the upper left labeled Start New Thread. A thread is a bit of jargon for a connected set of posts (questions, answers, comments) on a general topic or set of related topics.

    If you are reading a thread and want to comment on it or supply an answer you can click on the Reply button or just fill in you comments in the quick reply box below the discussion and click submit.

    Our Voices

    Posting in the Voices section is a member benefit for NAWCC Members who pay annual dues to the NAWCC. The blog is your personal space where you can discuss whatever you like. If your thoughts are interesting to others, you may get some comments on your post and you can replay to those comments to continue conversations. Voices differs from Forums in that one person is the focus of the blog, whereas many people participate more or less equally in the Forum discussions after the original post is made.

    If the staff finds a particular blog is especially interesting they may feature it for a while so that it stays at the top of the Voices listing.

    Timely Topics

    Articles in the Timely Topics area are edited and arranged by the volunteer staff of the Message Board. They try to capture an overview of what is going on on the Message Board and in some cases incorporate material from other sources. The sections of Timely Topics are chosen to collect the various areas of interest together in a way that is easy to follow.

    Because the people who put together the articles receive some additional training, the formats can be more interesting and may contain special dynamic material that would not fit well into either the Forum or Voices formats.


    The Encyclopedia is a collection of more detailed articles about particular subjects that is intended to be the "settled view" of the particular topic being presented. These articles are particularly useful if you are looking for the background information on one of the topics covered. The Encyclopedia is similar to Wikipedia in structure but has a specific focus on horology.

    The Message Board implements an automatic link feature that highlights the title of any Encyclopedia article if it is found in a forum post. This has the effect of providing an instant response to the question being asked when an article is already available on the subject. The editor that is used to create Forum posts also has buttons in the tool bar which allow the writer to specifically ask for an answer in the form of an Encyclopedia article. They may effectively say "I would like to see an article on this topic."

    NAWCC members are free to submit articles to the Encyclopedia. Since, like Wikipedia, the Encyclopedia is a joint authoring system, other members may edit or refine the articles and the editors and publishers have the ability to close an article for further editing if they feel additional contributions would detract from its accuracy.