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  1. A very bad day for servicing a verge watch (a story with a happy end)

    I've got to share a thought with you - it's not so bad to have a bad day. It gets much, much worse, when you don't know you're having one.
    This simple thought occured to me yesterday when I was working on another verge watch that I recently bought.
    Of course, feeling bad or mentally slow I'd not take up a task of taing apart and putting back together a nice old verge. Problem is, I felt as good as I can ever feel that evening.

    And so the horror begins...


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  2. South Bend parts interchange

    I have a SB 347 movement. Grade2, 17 jewel, single roller, 18 size . I need a roller table, jewel and balance staff. A complete balance assembly will work. Will 345 movement parts exchange?
  3. Ted Crom books

    I have all Ted Crom Books New First print. For sell at Frank.crom@att.net or google ted crom books not amazon.
  4. How about a... Roskopf this time?

    No matter if you collect Swiss, English, American, or any other watches form the wide world, you certainly have heared the name Roskopf. IN the 19th Century George Roskopf designed his famous inexpensive pin lever movement, soon renowned for great value and often copied by other makers as well.

    photo - fr.wikipedia.org

    I don't collect Swiss watches much, but I was always ...

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  5. loosing power in a Welch # 2 wit upside down movement

    Help I have a welch #2 regulator with a two weight time only upside down movement the clock will run but when you put the second hand on it stop it has very little pendulum swing and I have had the clock rebuilt by a very well know clock guy bushings verge pinions new suspension spring the weights are what I feel are original they weigh 3.5 pounds each I really like the clock I just dont know where to go from here. Thanks
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