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  1. Rolex GMT Watch

    [QUOTE=Lane Williams;1054679]Hello again,
    I have acquired a Rolex GMT, and I am need some information on this.One side of the watch head has; 2129123. The other side has;1675. Any help would be great! Thanks!!
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  2. Dial resilvering - Germany

    I am restoring an antique Kienzle grandfather clock and have successfully been able to get it into good working order. The case is beautiful German oak and is in excellent condition. However, I need to have the dial face re-silvered and new numerals painted. I am located in Frankfurt, Germany and need to find a shop in Germany that does this work. Does anyone know of such?
    Gene Shillcutt
  3. Peter Henlein Watch

    I believe I have come across a Peter Henlein watch from the early 1500s.
    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to authenticate it?Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Pomander Watch on Clock Base Front.pdf 
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Name:	Pomander Watch  on Clock Base -Top.pdf 
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Name:	Pomander Watch Globe - Bottom - Without Cage.pdf 
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  4. My very first RR grade American pocket watch

    This is a story begining in the days when I first started collecting American watches.
    At the time I was a proud owner of a few American pieces I was rather fond of (though of many of them no serious collector would be) and one day I encountered another busted piece on Polish allegro.pl auction website.

    These were the wonderful times when American watches were considered inferior by Polish collectors, and almost every American piece was considered crappy. Back the one could buy

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  5. A New Leaf...

    I really ranted in my last post, about past repairs. I wanted to delete the whole post, after stewing on it all night, but I could not locate a delete post option. So, I deleted my rant, and here is why:
    1. I am not a Watch Repair Person
    2. The Repairman I denounced has no way to defend himself,
    and I have never met him, or walked a mile in his shoes.
    3. The watch he worked on is not common. ...

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