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  1. Illinois private-labels

    [quote=John Cote;366174]A late great friend of mine and an avid watch collector named Hopkins from Indiana is buried with one of these watches. I hate burying a watch but I hope it is keeping great time for him in a better place.[/quote]

    I just got chills....I have been reading the message boards to be better prepared for our first show in Lexington and I came across this post of yours about my Father. I loved that we had his Hopkins watch in his hand and his loop on his glasses. ...
  2. The 2011 Calendar all receipts going to NAWCC

    Fellow Members:

    Understanding we have just entered into the year 2010, I'm now printing the 2011 Calendars that will be featured at a table at the June National Convention. The Museum Gift Store area will also have these on hand to sell to visitors looking for gifts while in the Gift Store.

    This 2011 Calendar is truly a keepsake, so when you visit either the National Convention or the Museum Gift Store, please spend the $10.00 to purchase one...you'll be helping your ...

    Updated 04-17-2010 at 04:26 PM by dweiss17

  3. Happenings in Cyberland

    The NAWCC main web site will undergo its transformation today and we are all looking forward to great things on the Internet.

    Initially it will be functionally similar to the old site but plans are to build up the Member Central area to include a host of material for members to be able to use on-line.

    That material should complement the material that is generated here on the NAWCC Message Board which is also undergoing a substantial increase in capability.

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