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  1. Otay Watch Company requests.............

    Seeking a look or a copy of an Otay Watch Company brochure.

    Always seeking company serial numbers of any watches or movements for my ongoing research and data base of over 40 years of work.

    Thanks for reading.

    Jon Hanson, #8801

    Updated 05-10-2013 at 03:25 PM by Jon Hanson

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  2. Fasoldt fishing reel wanted

    I am seeking any Fasoldt fishing reel photos unknown to me, as part of the Charles Fasoldt story. Several were sold a few years ago by a family and another in a fishing equipment auction. These three are the only ones I have seen or seen offered.

    Thanking you in advance for any leads is much appreciated.

    Jon Hanson, #8801
  3. Anno 1640

    [QUOTE=Winterhawk;193235]Hello all
    I have a Anno 1640 all wood novelty clock that I am stuck repairing for a friend. Can anyone tell me if there are any parts available for these and where to find them. Or can anyone give me the proper angle that the pallets on the escape shaft should be. One of the flat pallets broke off I have soldered on a new one but am not having much luck getting it to lock and unlock with out having more info, or just a new part (the whole shaft with pallets). ...
  4. The Role of Robert Hooke in the Early English Hairspring

    Quote Originally Posted by gmorse View Post
    Thanks to the good offices of Adam Harris and with the generous permission of the Museum Curator, I'm able to post the Draft Patent document for Robert Hooke's balance spring invention. I've written a transcript, as I believe reading the original is too much like hard work! I've left the vagaries of seventeenth century English spelling intact.

    Acknowledgements and thanks are also due to the Editor of Antiquarian Horology, (the journal of the AHS), for permission to quote from
  5. Provenance, Provenance, Provenance

    [QUOTE=Adam Harris;769252][FONT=arial][FONT=verdana]I could have named this thread - 'always expect the unexpected' or 'in horology strange things happen'[/FONT]
    [FONT=arial][FONT=verdana][COLOR=#000000]But remembering when buying property the adage 'location, location, location' I decided that in Horology its 'provenance, provenance, provenance.[/COLOR][/FONT][/FONT]
    [FONT=arial][FONT=verdana][COLOR=#000000]But where is this leading? well a few months ago while in Switzerland, ...