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This category is for announcements and discussions of various NAWCC facilities and services available or planned for the Internet.

  1. Double date... made 'unique' in a $200 watch.

    This is a story from some time ago - having some birthday money I decided to buy myslef a nice, more elegant watch.
    These days a $200 watch was 'luxury' to me - an expensive thing I'd not go and buy 'just like that'.
    As a fan of Rssian watchmaking, I looked among the stuff made by Volmax company of Moscow.

    At the time they were making watches mostly using Poljot movements, along with Molnija 3603 caliber, seldom Vostok's automatic and some ETA movements as well.
    Poljot ...

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  2. How Elgin's magic works - an emotional review

    This is a story of an Elgin watch. An ordinary, nothing special Elgin made in the troubled times when the new order of the World was about to be set up in Versailles. Surely it only just echoed in USA, as American involvement and loses Americans suffered during the first world conflict were rather insignificant compared to to the devastation and life loss that took place here in Europe. With the fall of mighty monarchies, dividing of once powerful states in it's very cetre, Europe would never be ...

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  3. Chapter to Chapter

    As VP of Chp. 63 I met with Jay & Pat Holloway from Chp 15 to talk clocks, membership, and how-to's. It was a great time and learned a lot. Maybe more chapter officers can collaborate.