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  1. My very first RR grade American pocket watch

    This is a story begining in the days when I first started collecting American watches.
    At the time I was a proud owner of a few American pieces I was rather fond of (though of many of them no serious collector would be) and one day I encountered another busted piece on Polish allegro.pl auction website.

    These were the wonderful times when American watches were considered inferior by Polish collectors, and almost every American piece was considered crappy. Back the one could buy

    Updated 07-03-2016 at 12:52 PM by pmwas

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  2. Question re American clock history

    Since I made a blog entry without meaning to, may as well edit it and ask a question.

    The earliest American brass clocks were made in imitation of English longcase movements and generally used rack striking.

    Most later US mass produced brass clock movements, well into the twentieth century, used countwheel striking. This seems a technical step backwards, and I wonder why it happened so.

    Is it because --

    -- Rack striking requires carefully ...

    Updated 08-01-2015 at 10:56 PM by SteveGus

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  3. Urgently needed--photos of a floor model Charles Fasoldt clock

    If anyone has access to photos of the pendulum of one of these clocks mounted on a base it would be much appreciated.

    Jon Hanson
  4. Kevin,s blog

    I am willing to discuss watches, clocks, tools , repair methods anything you wish to talk about on my blog.
    I am not always close to the computer during the week because of my work hours. But will comment to what ever is posted.