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Blog format presentations of projects to restore watches or clocks

  1. South Bend parts interchange

    I have a SB 347 movement. Grade2, 17 jewel, single roller, 18 size . I need a roller table, jewel and balance staff. A complete balance assembly will work. Will 345 movement parts exchange?
  2. Identification of a logo of a dial

    I have just recently acquired a bracket clock where the movement displays a logo in the form of a clock dial... I have only been involved with clocks for a couple of years but usually my research lines are fruitful, but this one has stumped me ! can anyone help to identify please ? The case etc. point toward early 20th century.
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  3. Rolex GMT Watch

    [QUOTE=Lane Williams;1054679]Hello again,
    I have acquired a Rolex GMT, and I am need some information on this.One side of the watch head has; 2129123. The other side has;1675. Any help would be great! Thanks!!
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  4. Dial resilvering - Germany

    I am restoring an antique Kienzle grandfather clock and have successfully been able to get it into good working order. The case is beautiful German oak and is in excellent condition. However, I need to have the dial face re-silvered and new numerals painted. I am located in Frankfurt, Germany and need to find a shop in Germany that does this work. Does anyone know of such?
    Gene Shillcutt
  5. Cuckoo clock: Weight vs. beat

    I am working on a cuckoo clock and am beginning to test. I adjusted the beat and have a stead beat. Here is the issue, it seems to stop after a few moments unless I add extra weight to the chain. With the added weight, it seems to work fine, how can I adjust the movement or whatever to work with the single 9oz weight? This is my first time working with a cuckoo clock
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