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  1. Sometime you are "un-repairing part Doh !"

    Again more by way of this blogsperiment .....

    Do not try this at home. Experimental post only.

    Sometimes when you are repairing a clock you are "un-repairing" the work of a prior repair person. Sometime those repair were the "norm" at the time and sometimes it's just "poor practice". This is post # 2 about such repairs.....................

    Another common poor repair to French clocks is to solder the crutch arm to ...
  2. Sometime you are "un-repairing".

    I came across some older images that I thought I would use to experiment with "blogging'.
    "Blogging", who would have thought a few years ago we would be "blogging'.........:o:o

    This is offered by way of an experiment and is not intended as advice on how to repair anything. Do not try this at home.

    Sometimes when you are repairing you have to deal with "old repairs" often clumsy or just inappropriate. Dealing with these issues ...
  3. Health Notes

    While severely off topic for the Message Board, I thought I would share my recent (and continuing) experience with vision problems.

    For about 20 years I have known of the continuing loss of vision in my left eye (and more slowly also in the right eye) due to a disease called Fuch's Corneal Dystrophy. It has recently become bad enough in the left eye that the eye was of limited use and did not help in reading.

    During the time I have had this condition, the only treatment ...
  4. I'm still at it,friends!

    Just a couple more "before/after" pictures for anyone interested.
  5. William Bond Chronometer w/Hartnup Balance...1825?

    I have a mid to late 1820's William Bond and Sons 56 hour, boxed chronometer #301. It has a Hartnup Balance, invented by John Hartnup at the start of chronometric trials undertaken by him and William Bond, in 1849, The trials were meant to measure longitude between Cambridge and Liverpool. There were more than 700 chronometers employed in 19 crossings of the Alantic. However five of these chronometers were fitted with an experimental balance designed by Mr. Hartnup and constructed by a Mr. Shepard. ...