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  1. Sample customized blog entry for Jane Tester

    This is a test to see how flexible the blog setup functions are. I think it is possible to do quite a lot of personalization so that you can express your character in your own blog and each blog can be unique.

    The tools to do this are found under blog in "Your Settings"

    Another feature of the blog is that the author is free to change the original blog entry at any time. There is no edit limit as there is in conversational threads.

    Updated 09-05-2013 at 10:39 AM by Jane Tester

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  2. Balance/staff needed

    [[Have a Keinzle #413/56 movement from a Workd Clock in desparate need of a balance wheel/staff. The rest of the movement can be scrap. We have a staff with a broken pivot. This movement was used in several other models of Keinzle clocks. Bob Reichel

    Updated 02-24-2013 at 01:29 PM by Tom McIntyre

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  3. What are Members For?

    We spend a lot of time and discussion on what the NAWCC should do for members and what products and services the members value the most. These discussions devolve into the question of "value for money" in the membership dues. An alternative view point is that The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, Inc. is an entity in its own right. Its purposes are defined in its charter and its success is related to how well it achieves the purposes set forth in the articles of incorporation. ...

    Updated 12-15-2014 at 12:26 PM by Tom McIntyre

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  4. Waterbury 30 Day Time & Strike

    [QUOTE=tdufour1;720226][SIZE=4]The Waterbury works that I need the Hair Spring assembly is for a Waterbury 30 day Wall clock, with chime, spring power, second, minute and hour hands - Wall Clock for the "Stork" or the "Admiral" Need Balance S[SIZE=4]t[/SIZE]af[SIZE=4]f[/SIZE], Balance Wheel, Hair[SIZE=4]s[/SIZE]pring & Cog. Please advise where I could find. [SIZE=4]Thomas Dufour, NAWCC[/SIZE]
  5. How to determine good grade of elgin movements without consulting serial # archiv

    Quote Originally Posted by RON in PA View Post
    Look for Veritas, Father Time and B W Raymond.
    Help, I am a begining pocket watch collector. I bought a elgin 16 size OF model 616 with the serial # of P 670267.

    The Watch book says the P is 52 but if I add the remaining number on to the prefix the elgin archiv shows nothing. Where do I go for added info regarding the watch.