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  1. Identification of a logo of a dial

    I have just recently acquired a bracket clock where the movement displays a logo in the form of a clock dial... I have only been involved with clocks for a couple of years but usually my research lines are fruitful, but this one has stumped me ! can anyone help to identify please ? The case etc. point toward early 20th century.
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  2. 'I'm Death incarnate...'

    Today I wondered... how many of you guys out there remember the good old Wolfenstein 3D?
    Yes, this was the first person perspective shooter, where you had just one objecive on every single level - get to the elevator killing all the Nazis in your way and not getting killed by them. You could also collect some treasure on your way.
    Why do I bring out the old, very simple, yet extremely playable game? Well.. there were four difficulty levels in it and the las one was called 'I'm Death ...

    Updated 02-04-2017 at 08:00 AM by pmwas

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  3. Soviet flatties - Penza - part 2

    Today the most interesting Zaria flattie - the 2015 automatic.
    The movement is nowadays pretty much known, and some pieces are seen in various colections,but when I was getting started many years ago, the only known 2015 (and incomplete) could be found on one Russian website.

    That's the watch. It's a ladies' watch AFAIK, but with it's 16mm strap and size almost as big as the Vesna I've just ...

    Updated 01-26-2017 at 04:30 AM by pmwas

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  4. Repair of broken lope end of South Bend Pocket Watch main spring

    Quote Originally Posted by rpm7653@aol.com View Post
    I have a brand new main sping for a South Bend Pocket Watch. I broke the lope end. Can I reuse this spring by putting a new hole in it? If so, what is the best way to put the hole in?

  5. Soviet flatties - Penza - part 1

    This blog post is an introduction to a 'bigger' one comming up next week.

    As most of you here is probably not very much familiar with Russian watchmaking history, just a brief note about USSR's 3rd maker - the State Watch Factory in Penza.

    The factory was set up in cooperation with French Lip in 1930s and at ...
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