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  1. A trip to the end of pocket watch era - ELGIN 543 U-S-A

    And hello again

    The last Elgin small (12s and around) pocket watch I've shown was the Hulburd...

    I've brought it back to mention, that apart from it's low thickness and it's high quality, with it's overall design it was probably way ahead of it's times as well.
    Anyway, if you cross the genes of Hulburd with this other slim 12s...

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  2. A Marion struggle...

    This short post is about a watch I've been trying to restore since 2015.

    Here you can see it with the non original Elgin balance I made for it.
    The original balance was not there when I got this movement, and it's too nice to use for parts.
    In fact, damaged and somewhat polished, ...
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  3. Forgotten masterpiece...

    'The Forgotten masterpiece' was a title of my entry on Elgin 761 self-winding movement.
    This was before I started my blog, and it can still be found somewhere in wristwatches forum, and my today's purpose is not to re-post the same work.
    No, today's post I write because I got myself another one.

    Big deal - another lousy 761 - you'd think. Well - yes, not a big deal, but it's not exactly easy to get one of those in Europe. And in USA good ones have quite high prices, and ...

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  4. List of the many branches of English Watch-Making trade (Keene, 1817; Rees, 1819)

    From the proceedings of the parliamentary hearings on the Petition of watchmakers of Coventry (circa 1817).

    A watchmaker who appeared as a witness, Mr. James Keene of Coventry, provided this detailed and interesting list of all the different specialties of craftsmen that went into the making of an English watch at that time.

    Movement maker, divided in:
    • frame mounter
    • brass flatter
    • pillar maker
    • screw maker
    • cock and pottance maker
    • wheel maker
    • wheel finisher
    • barrel

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    Museum , Library and Research Center
  5. Vance Johnson

    Working on a Waterbury Rack and Snail marked "Patented Sept 13, 1898" shelf clock. Rack & Snail on back of movement, connected by arbor at the very bottom of the movement that connects to the front. On the front, the arbor has a small gear and a washer that holds on the hour pipe. The back side of the arbor has a large gear that prevents removal of the springs. The front side gear is very tight and I can't seem to remove it. Steven Conover Book 7 on page 107 shows a similar gear ...
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