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  1. Survival rates watches from 18th and early 19th centuries (France and England)

    I'm slowly working my way through (savouring) Adolphe Chapiro's "La montre française - du XVIe siècle jusqu'à 1900", Les Éditions de L'Amateur 1991. It has to be the definitive book on vintage french watches.

    In the chapter devoted to Julien Le Roy (and his son Pierre), Chapiro writes (my translation):

    "Of the 5000 watches produced by the firm "Julien Le Roy" between 1720 and 1779 [father and son], only fifty specimens, whose authenticity is established ...
  2. List of the many branches of English Watch-Making trade (Keene, 1817; Rees, 1819)

    From the proceedings of the parliamentary hearings on the Petition of watchmakers of Coventry (circa 1817).

    A watchmaker who appeared as a witness, Mr. James Keene of Coventry, provided this detailed and interesting list of all the different specialties of craftsmen that went into the making of an English watch at that time.

    Movement maker, divided in:
    • frame mounter
    • brass flatter
    • pillar maker
    • screw maker
    • cock and pottance maker
    • wheel maker
    • wheel finisher
    • barrel

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