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  1. more new watches.

    An Illinois from 1905, let down the main spring and gave her a jiggle and she started running...
    and has been keeping decent time for 5 hours now

    A big ole fat Hampden open face in a swing out Silverode case! This one needs a balance staff or if there is a miracle the balance just needs to be set again, fat chance of that
  2. Some of my first clocks

    The clock with the vertical inlays is an adaptation of a gun display box.
    The others are my construction with quartz movements and paper dials on backer board.

    Click image for larger version. 

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  3. Hampden Open face Leverset.

    I just received this Hampden open face Lever set in a Deuber 10K case.
    I was cleaning the Crystal and it popped out, You guessed it,,, the newb Busted the Crystal trying to put it back in.
    Should have taken time to study what I was getting into.

    Name:  Hamilton Open face.jpg
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    Updated 10-26-2015 at 09:45 PM by PWfanatik

  4. Humor

    So a horse walks into a bar and the bartender says why the long face?
  5. More about me and horology.

    To tell more,
    I built 4 shaker style cases for small wall clocks several years back.
    About 18" tall, paper roman dials with quartz movements.
    Those were all given at Christmas that year.
    That project was inspired by my finding a decent gun display box.
    That box was probably worth more than the fake gun that was in it.
    So the gun display box made 5...
    Something has been drawing me for quite a while.
    Finding the right size and etc must be what has ...
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