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  1. Late 12s Rockford - seen in details

    Hi again!

    Today, as it's a lazy Saturday morning - I've decided to look closely at a nice, 12 size Rockford I have in my collection. I bought it some time ago on a German eBay listing. It was supposed to be in working condition, but... well, it did tick, faintly, but not what I'd call 'working'. Here it is.
    A late piece, with S/N over 900,000, with nice, wavy damaskeening and gold tone screws and regulator...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Some time ago ...

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  2. I had a dream...

    Every watch collector, or any collector in general, has a list of things he badly wants to have. Such 'must have' list usually consists of rare and precious pieces, most other collectors will surely be jealous of. Sometimes, however, on that list there are much more common pieces, one for some reason want's to get.
    This is exactly one of such cases. Long ago, when my fascination with American made timepieces had only just begun, I bought and old advertisment to hang on my wall. It was a ...

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  3. Early USSR made Pobeda watches

    This blog entry has been created due to the recent sad demise of my beloved website...
    Sadly, due to the troubles encounterd on the new hosting platform, I had to discontinue the whole project that did consume a lot of time and energy during the past two years. Obviously, there is much left of it, as all the pictures, the articles I wrote, are still safe on my discs... Fairly safe let's say as nothing in the PC world is for sure.

    Anyway - I created this entry to restore one of ...

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  4. The K28 - Soviet chronometer

    In the 1950s and 1960s Soviet watchmaking industry was developing rapidly with new models and technologies appearing on the market. In early 1960s the situation was totally different than it was in the begining of 1950s. Back then just a few movements were made, of which most were sub second designs. Some, like the famous K26 wristwatch or the 3602 pocket watch movements were modern, quite slim constructions, while the others, like K43, K18 or ZiM's pocket watch movement were out of date models, ...

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  5. Soviet flatties

    Soviet watches don't seem to be quite popular here, so some might probably find the post rather boring, but among the whole ocean of dull and rather uninteresting, popular pieces made in vast quantities, neither rare nor very pretty, some are worth more attention.
    Even though I think Soviet designers didn't have a really good hand for making casual watches, among which most are either unexciting or more interesting but rather ugly (maybe because I don't reqally like the 1980s' watchmaking ...

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