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  1. Damaged 16 size New york Standard pocket watch

    This time I'm going to show you my new catch, a 16 size New York Standard watch. And a decent one as well. Obviously Standard, and even more, the pre-Keystone Standard watch, can hardly be called decent. Unless it has the famous worm gear escapement, and obviously, that's not todays subjsct, if it's a 16 size watch...
    So... who is this and what is here?

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Name:	A9ww77.jpg 
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ID:	281082

    A very standard Standard movement with no exciting features. Crappy as ever. ...

    Updated 11-22-2015 at 03:18 PM by pmwas

  2. Atlantic Worldmaster Original

    It's not difficult to see taht today we're experciencing an era of remakes and special editions in watchmaking unprecedented before. Surely, for a long time before there used to be anniversary watches made by different makers, but now it's impossible, walking through a watch store not to find a remake/reissue or 'limited model', aimed to catch the interest of a potential buyer. Some makers, like Vostok Europe actually seem even to make limited editions only, somehow...
    Yes, the value of 'limited ...

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  3. Riverside Maximus reborn...

    This is a story of a movement I bought on eBay about... like... 2-3 months ago. More or less. The decent 12 size model 1894 Riverside Maximus was to be among the very fanciest watches I have, as al Maximus grade are bound to be.

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Name:	4s7q.jpg 
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ID:	280833

    It is a spectacularly finished movement, with a double sunk dial in pretty good shape. In the picture it is nicely ticking, but it was not when I first got it. Troubles began the moment I opened the box, when I saw ...

    Updated 11-22-2015 at 06:16 AM by pmwas

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  4. Bohemian treasure

    All around the world most watch enthusiasts are aware that the Eastern part of the World once had quite a powerful watchmaking industry. Many doubt it was actually great in general, but even though it seldom made top notch chronometers, and most of their quartz movements ought to be forgotten long ago, everyone knows it was big.Probably the most renowned brand of the former Eastern Bloc was the East German Glashutte.

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Name:	35ux.jpg 
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ID:	281042

    This remarkable, even ...

    Updated 11-22-2015 at 03:04 PM by pmwas

  5. 1867 J.T.Ryerson

    Today I'll show you some details of my early Ryerson. Very early, in fact, because - as far as I know, the angle escapement movements' S/Ns begin with 5,000. This one is 5575, so quite low.
    I've bought just the movement and recased it in a fancy 3oz case from the period.


    Updated 11-22-2015 at 06:26 AM by pmwas