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  1. Soviet flatties

    Soviet watches don't seem to be quite popular here, so some might probably find the post rather boring, but among the whole ocean of dull and rather uninteresting, popular pieces made in vast quantities, neither rare nor very pretty, some are worth more attention.
    Even though I think Soviet designers didn't have a really good hand for making casual watches, among which most are either unexciting or more interesting but rather ugly (maybe because I don't reqally like the 1980s' watchmaking ...

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  2. Waltham's 5 minute repeater

    To replace the erased entry with something interesting - rare pictures of Waltham's 5 minute repeater from both the top and dial side.
    This is a movement (damaged a lot) I once had, but sold it to who I considered a better owner for this one. Actually I regret that decision a bit, but I hope it really was better for this scarce, beautiful piece.



    walthamrep02.jpg ...

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  3. Waltham 1888 - a brief report

    To get on with my blog showing some America's popular movements from the inside, just another brief report on another popular Waltham's movement, the 16 size model 1888. It was mde in th last decade of the 19th Century, in various grades, from 7 jewel basic model, up to the top notch RR chronometrs.
    The 1888 was a stem wind and set movement, with a single piece stem locked with a screw in the movement, like in most modern movements
    we know. The plates design was 3/4, with winding gears ...

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  4. Commentary on 16s 23j Vanguard

    I've had this one on my shelf for quite some time. It is a beat-up, mistreated Vanguard in a heavily worn case. Not a truly collectable piece, but I've also heard one of our Friends here saying he actually likes such worn watches - I agree, you can see it's whole life just looking at it.


    After I bought it, thanks to Dave once again, I was able to make this watch run again, and now it was time to see what's inside.
    The ...

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  5. When you want a Keystone Standard,...

    ...this is a Keystone Standard you want!

    This time I'm - quite literally - into a beautiful Keystone Standard 12s watch. Obviously, a Keystone Standard in miles away from what one might call a collector's dream, or even a desirable watch. The one I got recently is - however - very close to a truly collectable watch, or maybe it actually is one. Mostly thanks to it's beautiful appearance and sharp condition.


    Looking at the watch ...

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