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  1. 16 size Edwin Rollo USWCo movement

    Hi there again!
    I know I'm posting blog post one after another recently, but I recently made a few nice buys I think are worth showing. This time I show a real 'killer' I bought from Fred - a 16 size United States Watch Co (of Marion) movement. The 16 size movements are rare and very difficult to come by. Today we're going to take a look at a 15 jewel Edwin Rollo grade. Not as nice as the high top USWCo grade, but still good enough

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  2. Lancaster Watch Company 18s 10j movement

    This time I'd like to focus on a 18s Lancaster Watch Co movement that has just arrived with today's mail. In a package from Winnebago, Mn., was a Lancaster watch movement, S/N 401216

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    The movement appears to be in decent condition, with just some minor scratches and oxidated, old fingerprints.
    No corrosion, no visible damage. And a lovely dial...
    It's a lower grade, 10 jewel unadjusted movement.

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  3. Finishing department's maestria

    Hi again!
    I'm writing this... my God... 25th blog entry just to show some more findings and share some more thoughts about American watchmaking of the old times. I'm wondering if anyone finds this any exciting or interesting at all, and if it's not a waste of time to read, but I do hope maybe someone will find what he's looking for in these posts.
    Anyway, this post has been delayed for some time, due to the very poor picture quality I got while gathering the materials.
    For some ...

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  4. Uglich Watch Factory 'Chaika'

    This time I'd like to tell you a story of a watch very special for me. Some 15 years ago, when my interest in mechanical watches had only just begun, during my holidays in Polish mountains I bought myself my very first mechanical 'true' watch.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    A Russian made Chaika, in chrome plated case, that cost me about $20, which was still hardly affordable for a schoolkid, always short of money. A classically designed casual watch, about 35mm wide, with ...
  5. A review of the Keystone 'dustproof' movement

    Hello again!
    Getting on with my American Watch movements seen inside blogs, this time I'd like to focus on a piece by a smaller US watch maker,
    the Keystone Watch Company's 18s 'dustproof' model.
    The Keystone Watch Co continued the production of a model designed and made by the Lancaster Watch Co, after some modifications applied to the original design. According to oldwatch.com, less than 50,000 movements were made before the company was sold to the emerging Hamilton Watch Co ...