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  1. How Elgin's magic works - an emotional review

    This is a story of an Elgin watch. An ordinary, nothing special Elgin made in the troubled times when the new order of the World was about to be set up in Versailles. Surely it only just echoed in USA, as American involvement and loses Americans suffered during the first world conflict were rather insignificant compared to to the devastation and life loss that took place here in Europe. With the fall of mighty monarchies, dividing of once powerful states in it's very cetre, Europe would never be ...

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  2. Popular Soviet Slava avtopodzavod...

    Avtopodzavod... a stransliteration of what in Russian means self-winding.
    Today I'll show you one of my favorite watches I use for everyday wearing and surely one of the weirdest designs ever!

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    I generally don't like casual watches designed around 1980. Their design is often controversial, somewhat garish, wanna-be-modern or kitschy. Maybe back then they could impress someone, but the times have changed, and many of them are simply way ...

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  3. Trashy little Marion...

    Hello again!
    This time - a Marion 18 size pocket watch...
    It is a - suposedly - high grade A.H.Wallis USWCo watch, known to be second grade from the top at the time. You've seen it, or some of you have, in the bragging section.
    Here it is:

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Name:	56wm.jpg 
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    It's a stemwind, pusher set movement and I have found a case for it (even made a scratch-free movement safe pusher ), but I didn't like the look of this watch in a very lousy, worn and ...

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  4. Late 12s Rockford - seen in details

    Hi again!

    Today, as it's a lazy Saturday morning - I've decided to look closely at a nice, 12 size Rockford I have in my collection. I bought it some time ago on a German eBay listing. It was supposed to be in working condition, but... well, it did tick, faintly, but not what I'd call 'working'. Here it is.
    A late piece, with S/N over 900,000, with nice, wavy damaskeening and gold tone screws and regulator...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Some time ago ...

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  5. I had a dream...

    Every watch collector, or any collector in general, has a list of things he badly wants to have. Such 'must have' list usually consists of rare and precious pieces, most other collectors will surely be jealous of. Sometimes, however, on that list there are much more common pieces, one for some reason want's to get.
    This is exactly one of such cases. Long ago, when my fascination with American made timepieces had only just begun, I bought and old advertisment to hang on my wall. It was a ...

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