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  1. Early gilt damaskeened Columbus 18s movement...

    The last (I hope!!!) package with parts for my Bunn Special is on it's way, but sadly, ebay's Global Shipping Program is not exactly fast...
    Waiting for my center wheel to arrive, I've returned to a movement I've been working on some time ago...
    It is a Columbus Watch Co early stemwind, with remarkably nicely finished top plate, gilt-damaskeened with nice, screw down red tone (gilt?) jewel settings...
    You might have already seen it...

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC09562.JPG 
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Name:	DSC09566.JPG 
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  2. Bunn Special restoration part 5

    Hi again!

    I only just came back from the beautiful, majestic Tatra mountains!
    (I hope I'll get away with 2 off-topic pics )

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCN0267.JPG 
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    This beautiful mountainside, located on Polish-Slovakian boarder 200km south from where I live is one of the most beautiful and one of my favorite places on the planet...
    I've been there every year sice I can remember and even befor I was able to walk myself, I toured those places in a carrycot. ...
  3. Bunn Special restoration part 4

    I'm not a person who likes to wait. Neither I'm a person who will accept waiting as an option, until I've tried everything I'm able to try at this very moment...
    So - of course - today I unpacked the movement waiting for it's parts and went on with the project.
    One might ask what progress can be made without proper parts and the obvious answer is - none.
    Or so it seems.
    But to the merit...
    I don't have a lathe. I'd love one, but I don't...
    However, with the ...

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  4. Bunn Special restoration part 3

    A joyful day for me it seems, as I got two small packets straight from the New York's internationa exchange terminal...
    One of them contained an Illinois dial.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC09786.JPG 
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Name:	DSC09805.JPG 
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    It is a period-correct Illinois dial of the style I've seen on those 24 ruby jewel Paillard movements. It's not the movement-correct brand name, of course, but that's not easy to get, so it might be a fine replacement...

    The other one ...
  5. Bunn Special restoration part 2

    The movement made it's way to Poland.
    it arrived yesterday, but I had to calm down before announcing that.
    It's interesting how mind works, I knew it was a badly damaged piece, needing parts, but the thing I did not expect to see made me very, very sad. Truly so very sad.
    And it's not that it's a frankenwatch, I think I'd take that one easy (that was expected )...

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC09738.JPG 
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ID:	267086

    Those are the remains of the balance wheel. I don't understand ...

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