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  1. Young America and it's patented safety barrel

    This blog post is about a pretty scarce watch I once bought - Marion's Young America.

    This 14 size watch must have been - telling by the name of the grade - marketed for boys and was not exactly very ...
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  2. Hamilton 950 L continued... to celebrate my 100th blog post :)

    I was wondering... what to chose for my 100th post.
    Obviously it should be something cool and I wish I could just save the number for some other time and just proceed to 101.
    However in my collection I still had a pretty cool watch awaiting some more attention.
    The 950L.

    As you might remember I bought this watch in quite dreadful technical condition, installed a grade 992 pallet fork and a new hairspring and left it be. So today, I'll show you the 950L in details, ...

    Updated 02-23-2017 at 12:09 PM by pmwas

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  3. 14 size 15 jewel Columbus... revisited

    This blog post is about my old Columbus.
    You might remember it, but I doubt, as it's been some time and it's not a watch one would remember for life

    It's the one I cased in a Waltham 14s case of the time.
    Made a wonderful pair, and the movement would even run after washing out most of the stain, but the ammount of rust left was too big and the watch has ever sice been waiting to get ...
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  4. Poor old Stuart, poor storage and poor watchmaking

    This one is about my Stuart...
    I don't think this needs clarification, but in case any non-American watches collector pops in - Stuart was the highest grade made by Illinois Springfield Watch Co and among the highest Illinois Watch co grades.
    I once bought myself an early Stuart - S/N 2852
    It's housed in a Dueber 4oz coin silver case, likely not original, but nice.

    It has a single sunk, original dial with the fancy script.
    In fact - here it is:


    Updated 02-17-2017 at 02:14 PM by pmwas

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  5. The Three Emperors' Corner - part three

    Hi all!

    Like I promised in the previous part - we're heading south to Austro Hungary...

    This is the Jaworzno-Szczakowa (pron. Yavoshno-Shchakova ) old Austrian station...
    There were three stations on all sides of the boarders, one being Maczki you've seen before, the Austrain Szczakowa station and Prussian Myslovitz, from which I used to go to Cracov so many times with ...

    Updated 02-13-2017 at 12:14 PM by pmwas

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